Dr. Wan Chen Lin

Wan Chen Lin received her Ph.D. in behavioral and systems neuroscience. Congratulations Dr. Lin!

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Kristen Delevich Awarded Tourette Association of America Funding

The Tourette Association of America has awarded its Young Investigator Award to Kristen Delevich for her research project, Studying the Influence of Hormones on the Brain. This work seeks to understand the influence of puberty on brain circuits involved in behavioral control, in an effort to elucidate why Tourette symptoms typically change during adolescence. Congratulations, Dr. Delevich!

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New nIRCats Paper with the Landry Lab

We just published our first collaborative paper with the Landry lab in Science Advances. Beyene et al. shows that new nIRCats enable detection of dopamine release with high spatial resolution and are compatible with dopamine receptor pharmacology. There is brief coverage in Nature and a link to the paper is here.

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Hoshal & Okada Awards

Undergraduate awards: Ben Hoshal won an MCB poster award and Nana Okada won a Psychology poster award. Congratulations to Ben and Nana!

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Congrats Wan Chen

Wan Chen Lin passed her qualifying exam! Congratulations Wan Chen!

Congrats Wan Chen2017-11-05T08:22:31+00:00